Varðin Pelagic

Varðin Pelagic is a modern fish factory located in Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands. It is the only fully automated processing line on the market. The workforce of almost 100 is divided into 4 shifts.

The highly efficient solution provided by Skaginn utilises the highly efficient plate freezers which are 4-5 more efficient the traditional blast freezres, the result is a the daily capacity is up to 1.000 tonnes.

Other benefits from the processing line are less shrinkage of raw material with thawing, saving of electric energy is more than 0.1 kWh per frozen kilo, smaller freezing system than with blast freezing is required to freeze the same quantity and smaller volume of machinery saves plant space, requiring fewer people for processing.

  • Client: Varðin Pelagic
  • Date: January-July 2012
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